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RPG Meme yoinked from salith

1. What is the first RPG you ever played? Marvel Super Heroes

2. What RPG do you currently play most often? Well, before I moved down here, it was a 3 way tie between d20 D&D, Shadowrun and Rifts. Now, the game I've played most since moving is Heroes Unlimited.

3. What is the best system you've played? Tie between d20 and Shadowrun, but I like Tri-Stat as well.

4. What is the best system you've run? In Nomine. Nice and simple, from a GM's standpoint. Marvel comes in a close second.

5. Would you consider yourself an: Elitist/ Min-Maxer/ Rules Lawyer? No.

6. If you could recommend a new RPG which would you recommend? To a newbie, d20. It's very simple to pick up. The Tri-Stat system is also fairly simple.

7. How often do you play? Back in the day, weekly, possibly even twice to three times a week. Now, maybe once or twice a month.

8. What sort of characters do you play? Leader? Follower? Comic Relief? Roll-Player/ Role-Player? Yes.

9. What is your favorite Genre for RPGs? I have a liking for superhero games, but anything with magic in it gets my interest.

10. What Genres have you played in? A lot. Fantasy, superhero, cyberpunk, anime, horror, hell, I've been an ANGEL and a complete normal.

11. Do you prefer to play or GM? Do you do both? Well, there are times I prefer to play, but I'm largely a GM.

12. Do you like religion in your games? If A) it supports the game world the characters, and B)it doesn't lead to an arguement at the table

13. Do you have taboo subjects in your games or is everything "fair game"? Have at it, just keep it civil.

14. Have you developed your own RPG before? Nah, all those rules...

15. Have you ever been published in the Gaming Industry? BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! No.
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