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Should be telling you how my trip went, huh?

It was pretty damn cool...we went to Universal Studios on Sunday. As Mike works there, we can get in free. I don't do rollercoasters, because I cannot stand the sensation of heading in a downwards direction at a high rate of speed. So we took in a lot of shows.

We hit the Shrek 4D show, the Universal Horror Makeup show, hit the Back to the Future ride which was a bit much for me, but still enjoyable, the MIB Alien Attack ride which was fun as hell and the Terminator 2 3D show which wasn't as good as Shrek, but still pretty decent.

That was pretty much the extent of my travels around Orlando, other than helping Mike pay some bills and such. We didn't have much money and he doesn't have a car, so we didn't go out or anything like that. Which suits me fine. I don't go places for the things there. If that were the case, I'd go by myself and stay by myself.

I go places for the people in them. I didn't go to Orlando for the parks or the weather or anything like that. I went to meet Mike. We click and have a lot of things in common. We both like anime and video games, we can talk to each other fairly easily and we just have a good vibe. If I come to see you, I come to see YOU and hang out with YOU. I'm not there for the clubs, I'm not there for the nightlife, I'm there to hang out with you. If you wanna show me the city, cool. I'm with the sightseeing. If you wanna go out somewhere, say the word. I just want your company. I wanna experience these things in the context of being there with you. Get the message? Nuff said.

We took turns playing CoH, played a lot of Super Smash Brothers Melee together (I believe I've gotten him hooked on it) and watched Fruits Basket in its entirety. We also rented Shaolin Soccer, which was freakin hilarious and Excel Saga Vol 1, which he hated. Ah well, no accounting for taste! ;)

It was a pretty restful week and it's cool to be back earning money again. I'd like to go back sometime tho. Still, the next trip I take is gonna be back to Indianapolis. I've got people to catch up to, acquaintances to renew...fences to mend.
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