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At last! An actual entry!

Hang on folks, my mind is about to spew at ya...

This Labor Day weekend was interesting...

Friday after work, I went over to Danny's, hoping to get some Heroes Unlimited gaming goodness in, but it wasn't to be. The rest of the players couldn't show for various reasons. Blah. And that was my last Friday before the schedule switch. Ah, well, I'm always cool just hangin out with Danny. Does my brain good and he doesn't seem to mind my excessive flirting. *eg*

On Season 4 of Buffy with John. We got up to Fear Itself, which is easily one of the best eps in the season. The last 5 minutes alone are worth it.

Saturday, I took on Sister Psyche's TF. Twice. Actually, I cut out on the first group I did it with so that I could do it with the SG. I'm just happy I actually got to do something with the group this week. It seems everytime I want to play with them, I'm too tired or I've committed to something else. Not to mention the fact that most of them are ahead of me level wise. So I end up on my own a lot. More on CoH later.

I'm actually glad John and Mike are back together. Mike seems like a nice, outgoing guy, he's smart and a gamer. I likes him.

I met another Mike recently, an old friend of pornocub's, very outgoing, sweet and cute! TINY bit of drama going on, but I've got up my drama filters.

Anyway, I'm kinda walking on sunshine right now. Plan is still in effect and I'm refining it as I go.
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