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Enter the Stupid...

Ok, if you've been watching the Olympics at all, you've seen the I Wish commercial.

In the commercial, a woman is walking down the street, handing out Cokes from her purse to passersby while singing what is one of the most beautful songs I've ever heard.

Overall, the response to that commercial has been positive. But there's always one person...

A man called saying that the commercial is a bad influence on children. He says it's unsanitary to do such things and it teaches children to take things from strangers.


In other news, a lady called complaining about a "Buy Two, Get One Free" special her local supermarket is running. She complains that she can't carry that much to her car at once and that the ad should be clearer that you have to get all three 12 packs at once.

Ma'am, you might wanna look into these little inventions called shopping carts. Also, bag boys are a great help. And while you're at it, look into a little commodity called common sense!
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