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God, I love kids...

Sunday brings out the worst of the worst around here...

We get a lot of calls from people wanting to know how much it costs to get into Six Flags because we have a buy one ticket, get one free promotion going.

Now, why in the FUCK would we have that info?

Then there are the prankers. Kids with no life and nothing else to do but make prank calls to customer service lines. And the approved language they give us? Useless.

So I follow some advice my mom gave me LONG ago:

"You don't HAVE to stay on the phone with anybody."

So, I happily introduce them to Tone. They usually give up after one or two calls, but now and then you get some kid who is bound and determined to get a rise out of you.

Like this one kid.

He'd called and gotten several other agents before me, but he decided to make me his Big O.

The first call, he asked for another agent and I told him repeatedly I could transfer him and that I could help him. He finally said, "Fuck you" and hung up.

Second call: Hang up.

Third call: A steady stream of curses and derogatory remarks until I hit the release button.

Fourth and fifth call: Hang up.

Sixth call: He asked if I was a lesbian, which made me want to laugh. Actually I think I did laugh, then hung up on him.

I love this job sometimes.
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