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Because I'm bored as hell...

1. What was the first concert you ever attended? How old were you? Where was it?

Summer Tour 90. Silk Tymes Leather (which, gratefully, I missed, they replaced Queen Latifah on the tour), Kid N' Play, Digital Underground, Heavy D. and the Boyz, and Public Enemy. I was 17 and it was in Market Square Arena (when it still existed).

2. What was the most recent concert you attended? Where and when?

The last actual concert I attended was a KMDFM concert I attended in Chicago in 2002 with Jason and Don. Can't remember the name of the club for the life of me. KMDFM were the headliners, the warm up act was Kidney Thieves and I believe the act following KT was 6 Volt (NIN cover band).

3. Have you ever seen your favorite artist/band in concert? Did the show live up to your expectations, or were you disappointed?

KT, Heavy D., Public Enemy...and ALL shows exceeded expectations.

4. Ever been to a concert where you were pleasantly surprised at the performance? Ever been to a concert where you were totally disappointed?

I've yet to be dissapointment at a concert I've been to.

5. Name five bands that would headline your own personal festival.

Kidney Thieves
Hikaru Utada
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