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Time to geek out!

courtesy of ericdabear

1. Star Trek or Star Wars? hmmm...comparing the glory days of both franchises, I'd say Wars for one reason alone. Vader.

2. Galaxy Quest or Spaceballs? Spaceballs.

3. Robert Jordan or Terry Brooks? hrm?

4. Harry Potter or His Dark Material? Having never read His Dark Material...

5. Shadowrun or Cyberpunk? Shadowrun

6. Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore? Neil Gaiman

7. Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams? Must I choose?

8. Princess Bride or The Quest for the Holy Grail? Princess Bride...made more sense.

9. Neon Genesis Evangelion or Serial Experiments Lain? Evangalion...minus the last two eps.

10. George RR Martin or Steven Erikson I've not read either

11. Slayers or Trigun? Lina Inverse is GOD.

12. Card Captor Sakura or Sailor Moon? Umm... neither?

13. Babylon 5 or Farscape? Farscape

14. Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke? Mononoke. Less cute.

15. Naruto or Hunter X Hunter? Haven't seen either, yet.

16. Akira or Ghost in teh Shell? Neither made sense to me, so pass.

17. Alien or Terminator? Alien.

18. Blade Runner or Brazil? Blade Runner.

19. Avalon or eXistenZ? Who or who?

20. Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel? Buffy.

21. Love Hina or Video Girl Ai? Love Hina.

22. Spike or Gerald Tarrant? Spike.

23. Blade or D? D would kick Blades ASS.

24. Apple or Linux? Linux

25. Java or C? Java of course.

26. Wolfenstein or Doom? Hmmm....nazis or demons? Doom, ya freak!

27. Escaflowne or Patlabor? Patlabor.

28. Pocky or Ramune? Pocky

29. XHTML or PHP? Php

30. Pixar or Dreamworks? Pixar

31. Ramen or Hot Pockets? Hot Pockets

32. Jolt or Mountain Dew? Dew.

33. Red Hat or Mandrake? dunno the diff.

34. Bit Torrent or IRC? neither.

35. DDR on soft or hard pad? I do not DDR.

36. MegaTokyo or 8 Bit Theater? MegaTokyo

37. All Your base or Trogdor? AYB, too classic.

38. Gravitation or Fake? Gravitation.

39. Yoko Kanno or Kenji Kawai? Yoko Kanno! I worship thee!!!

40. Spiderman or X-Men? Spider-Man

41. Bram Stoker's Dracula or Interview with a Vampire, book or movie version? Dracula.

42. Xbkox or Playstation2? PS2. More games, less price.

43. Dune or Hyperion? Dune.

44. The Authority or Planetary? Authority.

45. Lucifer or Hellblazer? Hellblazer. Constantine is a TRIP!

46. Clive Barker or Tim Powers? Clive.

47. Bruce Sterling or William Gibson? Gibson.

48. Lord of the Rings or Conan? Books, Conan. Movies, LotR.

49. The Maker of Universes or The Nince Princes of Amber Haven't read either.

50. Something Positive or Sinfest Noooooo! Don't make me choose!!!!

51. D&D or White Wolf? D&D. 3rd Ed bought it back to life for me...and I hate all the damn politicking in WoD.

52. Amber the Diceless RPG or Nobilis? Diceless? *shudder*

53. Call of Cthulhu or Paanoia? Ia! Ia! Cthulu fatghn!

54. GUURPS or Rolemaster? ummm...let me get back to you.

55. Weiss Kreuz or Saiyuki? Never seen either.

56. Batman or Superman? Bats.

57. Crouching Tiger..Dragon or Once upon a time in China? Oooooo, tough choice!

58. Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever or Earthsea? No freakin clue.

59. Weis & Hickman or Salvatore? need to read more before deciding.

60. Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur? Soul Calibur

61. Zelda or Final Fantasy? Final Fantasy.

62. Ranma 1/2 or City Hunter? Never seen City Hunter...want to.

63. ICQ or AIM? AIM

64. Fruit Basket or Please Save my Earth? have seen neither.

65. Anita Blake or Buffy Summers? No idea who Anita Blake is, so...

66. Ender's Game or Use of Weapons? Who da wha?

67. Newtype or Animerica? *shrugs*

68. Honor Harrington or Miles Vorkosigan? who da wha?

69. Full Metal Panic or Full Metal Alchemist haven't seen eother

70. Greg Bear or David Brin? Greg Bear. I just like the name.

71. Ninja Scroll or Rurouni Kenshin? Ninja Scroll. Jubei would have Kenshins ass.

72. Brave New World or 1984? 1984

73. Pern or Darkover? no idea

74. Bleach or Shaman King? I like the sound of Shaman King. :)

75. Transformers or Robotech? Transformers, baby!

76. Excel Saga or Elf Princess Rane Excel Saga!

77. The Martian Chronicles or Stranger in a Strange Land? Toughie.

78. Ninja or Pirates? Ninja.

79. The Ring or The Sixth Sense? Haven't seen the Ring.

80. Shounen or Shoujo? Shounen

81. The Twilight Zone or Doctor Who? Doctor who.

82. The Crow or Edward Scissorhands? The Crow.

83. Tanith Lee or Barbra Hambly? Who?

84. Luis Royo or Boris Vallejo? Royo

85. Tokyo Babylon or Tokyo Godfathers? Not sure, yet.

86. Hellsing or Witch Hunter Robin? Hellsing. Loves me some Alucard.

87. The Avengers or Charlie's Angels? Avengers.

88. Mercedes Lackey or Jennifer Robinson? Never read Robinsons stuff.

89. Inu Yasha or Fushigi Yugi Fushigi Yugi

90. Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? Street Fighter...bow down!

91. Resident Evil or Silent Hill? Resident Evil is shock value, Silent Hill is just fuckin creepy. No clear winner there.

92. Dwarves or Elves? Dwarves.

93. Elric or Fafhrd and the Grey Mouse? Elric

94. Starship Troopers or Pitch Black? Pitch Black.

95. Metal Gear or Splinter Cell? If I MUST choose, Metal Gear...more on the fantastic side.

96. Age of Mythology or Warcraft III? Having never played AoM, Warcraft III

97. Everquest or Dark Age of Camelot? City of Heroes.

98. La Jetee or Twelve Monkeys? WTF????

99. Cowboy Bebop or Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita)? Cowboy Bebop.

100. Shining or 2001: A Space Odyssey? Shining. I can stay awake through that.
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