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Let's see...weekend has been pretty damn good so far.

Friday, I hung out with Danny and his sons and our friend David, played Danny's Heroes Unlimted game and talked comics till damn near 2AM. It was a blast!

Now I gotta crack into the storage room so I can drag out some of my old books for Danny to read.

Saturday, I went swimming with John, Bruce and our friend Jeremy. Did the extremely stupid move of jumping into the pool with my glasses still on and lost a lens in the pool. Bruce, fortunately, found the lens, but it took about an hour and 2 pairs of goggles to do it. I was unbelieveably embarrassed and feeling very much like a sixth toe, I went back in and did something I halfway KNOW how to do. CoH.

While Crimson Slayer is still very much in debt to the tune of about 3k at the moment, I FINALLY got him to level 14!! I can fly now!!! :) I gotta say, it's a KICK!

According to codecattx I can map phrases to my powers so I can shout spell names when I use them. When I figure it out, I'm gonna equate a lot of my powers to Slayers spells.

Flares = Flare Bit
Fire Bolt = Flare Arrow
Fireball = well, Fireball.
Hover = Levitation
Fly = Ray Wing

codecattx can't wait to see what I map the Dragon Slave to.

Played a little bit of my defender, Agent Lazarus as well. Almost got him to level 12 before I almost passed out onto the keyboard. Should I get another empathy power when I hit 12 or should I go the psi route and get something offensive, or should I get another super speed power?

Planning on playing my tanker, I Q, on Tuesday. Maybe I'll get him up to level 10 before the day's over. Who knows? :)
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