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Time for the latest edition of random thoughts.

Is it me, or is everybody coming down with something simultaneously? Been feeling like hell lately. My right ear is all plugged, I've been blowing my nose almost constantly, and yesterday, I was just out and out exhausted. The minute I got home, I crashed and didn't get up till 3AM this morning.

Talked to my mom yesterday. Apparently there was a family reunion over the holiday and EVERYBODY was asking about me. Yeah, now that I'm gone...sheesh.

Been re-reading the Shadowrun: Secrets of Power trilogy. Reminds me of just how much I LOOOOOVE Shadowrun. I need to get some more books, tho. Anybody have any recommendations?

I'll be 31 in 14 days. That's one more year I've managed to survive. Go me!

In lieu of my CoH addiction whilst the net was down, I dove back into FFVIII. A lot of people didn't like the game, or it's main character. I, myself, adore it. The draw system is flawed, but has it's merits. Yeah, it's tedious drawing for monsters a lot, but I developed a system to break that up. Everybody would draw once per fight, then kill the monster. After so long, you'd have all the spells you needed or abilities to simply refine them from objects. And the junction system let you customize your characters. I always have Squall maxed out on HP, Zell was the strongmen, and Selphie and Rinoa were the mages/healers. I only used Quistis and Irvine when one of the above weren't available. Keeping the same GFs on the same characters all the time just made things that much simpler, plus I kind of had themes going for them.

As far as everybody's dislike of Squall, I can understand it, but don't share it. Yeah, at first he comes off as a self-absorbed, emotionally crippled, aloof asshole, but that was what he was supposed to be at first. A guy keeping everybody at arm's length and putting on a tough guy front to mask his own fear and insecurities. Over the course of the story, he learns to open up and become a leader of men by doing so. And that's in no small part thanks to Rinoa. She taught him that it was ok to lighten up. That he didn't have to have those walls in place all the time. That it was ok to feel. And that was what it was really all about. Squall's coming of age and discovery of himself. Now, if I can just get my weapons upgraded.
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