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News of the stupid...

Ok, allow me to explain my job.

I take calls concerning any complaints, questions, comments, etc regarding Coca-Cola products from the end users, the consumers, in company terms. The folks who go to the stores and buy the products.

The thing we come up on the most is quality calls. If anything is wrong with the package or the product, we're to take all the info we can about the incident and send it to the local bottler. Sometimes the bottler will need to follow up with the consumer, who may want to see the bottle or can in question, so they can verify the information. Therefore, we usually ask if they can keep the bottle until they hear from the bottler or us.

One of my co-workers was taking such a call and as part of the bottler follow-up, he asked if the consumer could hold on to the bottle until she heard from them. She actually asked him, sounding shocked, "In my hand?" She then proceeded to get grossed out over it and didn't calm down much after he explained that she didn't have to actually physically hold the thing.

This is why I come to work, folks. The comedy.
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