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Yet another edition of Random Thoughts

It's become a daily ritual to check Jason's journal when I get to work. I'm actually thinking of getting a journal on that site strictly to be a creative outlet and so I don't have to comment anonymously all the time.

I've noticed that when I'm attracted to somebody, my smile can make them nervous. It can be a predators smile. Sometimes it's misinterpreted. Ah, well. Tired of being restrained. Tired of people getting edgy when I let it all hang out. Tired of "using my indoor voice". I wanna be out somewhere and go nuts and not care what everybody around thinks. I wanna be in an environment where I feel completely comfortable being as loud, boisterous and dirty minded as I feel like. Where some of my more aggressive tendencies are returned, not shied away from. The wolf hath lain with the sheep long enough...

Which reminds me, Pride is this weekend. I never went to one in Indy. chillycub might have invited me to go to one, but I don't ever remember. Events never do that much for me. People matter more. But the people I'd go to see would be too busy bouncing around from crowd to crowd to truly hang, so I just never really went. Everybody is like, "you gotta see the parade!" Man, between Black Expo, the Circle City Classic, and the Indy 500, brother man has LONG since been burnt out on parades. Especially since I lived downtown for 3 years and everytime a parade came through, it put all kinds of dents in my plans.

How does everybody on CoH manage multiple characters and STILL get them all higher in level than me? I don't get it. I'm on character number 4 and none of them are higher than 15. Hoping to get with andrew_jp_reyes sometime this week and do the Bionic Six thing. We got Mother-1, Sport-1 and yours truly, I Q. Still looking for three more...

Crimson Slayer, in the meantime, is looking to dig himself out of a 2000 xp debt hole. Been taking on the 5th Column(neo-nazis) and they don't like me. At all. So I'm gonna let the story arc lie for a bit and level...Gods help me, I'll even do it in Perez. And I HATE Perez.

ghostcub, thanks for the tactical advice.

Been reading Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. (Thank you, Bruce!) I just passed the part which has a magical dominatrix in it and it stirred up my blood a bit. I've been told by several people that I have the makings of a good master. And I'll admit, it tempts. The prospect of breaking someone down until their only purpose in life is my pleasure, my happiness; stripping every ounce of dignity from someone until they're nothing but my toy is something I honestly consider from time to time. To have someone show me the level of devotion a true sub gives to his master is a very seductive thing to me. But it also requires a necessary level of cruelty on my part. That's something nobody wants to see. And it's not something I want to see. Still, the Beast bays...

BTW, it's a good book. ;)

John has told me he's taking all his stuff out of storage and discontinuing payment on it at the end of the month. Thing is, that's where over half my stuff is too. Couple of tubs of comics and RPG books, my dresser, some of my crates, and sundry items. This leaves me with two alternatives: get all my stuff in the apartment, or take over paying for it. Hmmmmm....

Well, time to make the donuts.
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