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Early Riser

This one is gonna take you a little further into my demented, id-centered, sensualistic mind than some of you may want to go, so I'm LJ-Cutting it for those of you squeamish about that thing that takes the edge off the Beast for me at times.

(Of course, I'm sure squeamishness doesn't apply to the majority of you on my friends list.) *smirk*

I'm an early riser.

Ever since I was a boy, I've always gotten up between 5 and 8 AM, no matter HOW much sleep I've gotten. I don't use an alarm clock anymore. Don't need it. Being slightly
photosensitive, the instant Father Sol hits my eyes, I wake up.

That suits me fine. My mind is the sharpest when I first wake up, as a rule. The world hasn't usually risen to meet the day with me yet, so I can hear the smallest sounds, I can feel my blanket rubbing against my skin, every shadow and sillouhette stands out to my eyes. With all that sensory input coming in, is it any wonder I'm usually aroused? And I don't know if it's spring, the heat driving me crazy, I don't know WHAT it is, but lately, my libido has been roaring. So yeah, I wake up with a pretty bad itch. And when I itch, I scratch.

A lot of people see masturbation as jerk, spooge, wipe off, move on. The only thought they have is to get off as quickly as possible. This attitude, I find, tends to carry over to their view of sex overall. Suck, fuck, spooge, clean up, move on. *sigh* Sad, really.

I view sex as art. Those of you who've read the Eros Manifesto entry (or who've known me for long enough)know that. One of my most repeated maxims about sex is that climax is not the main course, it's the icing on the cake. Sex and the sensations and feelings it brings should be savored like a fine wine, not chugged like a freakin Miller Lite at a frat party. This applies no matter who you're pleasuring, even if it's yourself.

With that in mind, I tend to take somewhere between 30 - 45 minutes MINIMUM when masturbating. An hour is usually my average, for the simple fact that I like to actually take my time and enjoy it.

Just whipping it out and flogging it is a big no-no for me. If I'm gonna do it, I do it right. I actually strip from the waist down and most of the time, completely. To just focus on your dick isn't really pleasuring yourself, it's just trying to let off some pressure. And I NEVER jerk, flog or beat. I stroke, I tease, I caress. This is sensitive equipment I'm working with here! I've had guys damn near try to pull my dick OFF when they jack me off. That isn't gonna do it. The speed isn't what gets me off, the force isn't what gets me off. It's the sensation, the FEELING of it! Jerking me quickly or roughly just hurts. And not in a good way. By contrast, I tend to use an underhand stroke with a slight twist that has been described by some of the guys I've used it on as "a tease". It tends to pay special attention to the head, so you get this quick charge every time my hand goes up. With a little lubrication, I can drive you up the wall, which again, if you know me well enough or have read the Eros Manifesto, is what I LIVE for. I tend to save it until the end for myself or if I'm just in the mood to brink.

But I digress.

When I masturbate, my entire body receives attention. Lightly running my hands up my sides, teasing my inner thighs, and over my chest, playing with my nipples as gently or roughly as I'm in the mood for. On occassion, when I'm really worked up or just in the mood, I'll even
finger myself. (And for those of you gasping, "I thought you were a TOP!", even some tops get in the mood to bottom now and again. And if you can make me WANT it, I'll flip like a pancake. But then, not many are willing to go through the trouble of making me want it, as all they can think of is getting off. *sigh*)

One of the things about keeping it interesting is pretty much the same thing as keeping sex interesting: variation and experimentation. Never keep the same rate for long. Switch hands and hand positions. Experiment. Explore. Take the time to find out what you truly enjoy,and enjoy it.

And remember, boys and girls, the longer you take, the better the payoff at the end. After a 3 hour session one day (yeah, that's right, 3 hours) the rush of orgasm was such that I gave myself la petite mort. One of the reasons I rarely, if ever, do it standing up.

So. That's the first 30 - 60 minutes of MY day. How'd yours start?
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