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CoH weekend

THis weekend was strictly about CoH for me.

I played for a few hours as my scrapper on Victory, Ursus Rex, and almost managed to get him to level 16. I have a mission in Boomtown I have a lot of trouble with. I can't even GET to the door, as there's a horde of Lost outside. I may just wander around and get the lay of the land before I go in there. I'm playing Ursus less and less these days. I was having fun playing with Jason and Eric and the supergroup they started, but since they got cut off due to lack of funds, the group hasn't really gotten together at all. I hardly EVER see anybody else from my supergroup on. So I float around a lot or just solo. Haven't gotten the chance to actually ROLEPLAY him yet, but hey. I think I'll email the group (if they bother to check it) and see if they wanna try to do something as a group anytime soon. One of the cooler features about CoH is that there's an internal email system. However, it doesn't notify you when you have mail, so unless you think to check it, it'll just sit there unanswered.

I switched to the Crimson Slayer, my blaster on Virtue, after a while. There are times I role play the hell out of him. Smart aleck, somewhat hot tempered, the clown of a group. Frighteningly powerful, good at heart, very action oriented. Basically the male version of Lina Inverse without the greedy streak. Got him nearly to level 12. I took a Circle of Thorns mission in Perez Park, then made the mistake of joining a group of people who mostly hadn't even hit 9 yet. First, it took us forever to find the door. Perez is a great zone for people from 8 - 13, but the inside of the park is a labriynth(sp), full of doublebacks, false trails and dead ends. If you're looking for a specific spot, it could take a considerable amount of time to find. Moreover, you're constantly tripping over large mobs of Vazhilok (undead cult), Circle of Thorns (evil mages), and Clockworks. Not to mention the Hellions (devil worshipping street gang) and Skulls(death worshipping gang). Unless you go and systematically kill everything in your path or run like a bat out of hell, you can wind up really dead, really quickly.

Secondly, the difficulty of door missions is tailored to two things. The level of the person who the mission belongs to, in this case, me, and the number of people in the group. We were at 7 people when we went in and I'm a level 11 character. I'm running around with 4 or 5 people who were at 7 and 8 and apparently had no sense of tactics. The outcome can easily be guessed at. A lot of people simply left the group in anger. This in turn, torqued me off. You walk into a mission tailored to someone 3 to 4 levels above you, with a full squad of people, try to bull through and expect to live through it? Sorry, doesn't work that way.

I've been trying to get him into a supergroup of some sort, but I think he's better off as a solo act, floating from team to team as it suits him. I'm not on often enough to really bond with somebody to team with. At least, not right now.

My final character is Agent Lazarus, a character I made Specifically for hylandr's group, The F.I.R.S.T. I've noticed people tend to snap up defenders for their groups, so I made one. I probably play a LOT less than most people, but I managed to get him up to level 11 faster than I've ever seen. Mostly because I'm never at a loss for a team. EVERYbody wants a healer on their team. And I've noticed that I'm fairly good at it. I never attack, I just stand close by, keep an eye on everyone's HP and heal as necessary. I do have a couple of offensive powers, just so I won't be entirely helpless, but this character is designed to be "The Doc". As a character, he takes his job as a healer very seriously and refuses to leave a man behind, if he can help it. He's very friendly, but business-like. I intend to give him superspeed soon. High speed emergency response! :)

John made a defender yesterday (on my account) and got it up to level 5. I'm hoping to get access to my own machine back soon, so I can play whenever I feel like it.
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