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Jason called me back when I was at work today, seems Don was at a friends house all weekend after he got off the phone with me and never bothered to call anybody and tell them...including his sister, who was worried sick and his job.

Talked a lot with Jason yesterday. Seems my absence is keenly felt by the RPG group. I find myself missing them too. I love my group here, but things still haven't stabilized. Ryan is recovering from his pnuemonia (YAY!!!), but I don't know how long he'll still be in the hospital. Danny, in the meantime, is down with that scourge of all mankind, the common cold. I feel for you, bro. Summer colds SUCK.

This means both our GMs are currently out of commission. Jason asked why I wasn't GMing, and truthfully, there are only two games I'm interested in running, neither of which the group wants to play. Not to mention I have a LOT of rust to knock off.

Job is going ok, we're in the last week of training. I'm not doing as well as I thought I was. I screwed up yesterday on a simple exercise I should have had down pat. Self-confidence was kinda shattered for the rest of the day. Ready to get back in the saddle now, though.

Me and John went for a walk after we got home. Talked about our love lives, and found this really neat place under a bridge nearby with hanging vines and such. He's going to NYC over the weekend to meet this guy Marco he met online and he's pretty excited about it, but anxious.

I'm hoping to take a trip back to Indy for the holidays this December. Just don't know if it'll be for Christmas or New Years. I figure I'll take Sunday and Monday off and stay from Friday until Tuesday night. As I don't see myself staying with Mom and Pop, I'll prolly be putting myself up in a hotel.

Well, it's almost time to punch in...more later.
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