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Random thoughts...

First off, happy berfday to oakthorne!

For those of you who don't already know, Jason and I are talking again. Feels pretty good to know he's doing alright. There's still a fairly sizeable part of me that still pines for him, and my stomach was doing flip flops when I got his first email, but we've fallen back into our old routine of mailing each other back and forth. Kind of the way things used to be before love got in the way.

CoH kicked SO much ass! Even when I was getting my ass kicked, I was having fun! There's at least 4 people on LJ who have guilds already and I'm mulling over what kind of character I'm going to create when we go live. Thinking either another blaster or a controller. Superheroes are my bread and butter, so I have a milion concepts to work with.

I got an invitation from my sister to move in with her while her husband takes a job in Texas from September to May. Upside, I would get my own room and my own computer back, I'd get to see my nephew, and Dana being Dana, I'd get some aggressive help with my job search. Downside, I'd have to put up with Dana, and she lives outside of the perimeter, in South Fulton County. Without a car, that could get REALLY dull. I'd be more or less cut off from the friends I've made here so far. And I can forget bringing any dates home (not that I have anywhere to take them here, either). I have a few months to think about it.

Currently about to start painting the living room. I'm hoping I don't have to sleep with paint fumes tonight. If that turns out to be the case, I'm gonna be really cranky.

Looking forward to Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks. Need to put together some good CDs for the trip.

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