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1. Have you ever been attracted to someone of your same sex?
I should say so.

2. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Topping: 16 Bottoming: 17.

3. Do you still keep in touch with that person?
Seeing as I wasn't even in the city I call home either time, nor did I get their names, no.

4. Best music to have sex to?
If it's nice, warm loving sex, slow soul or R&B. If it's wild, hot animalistic sex, industrial, goth, techno or trance. The music should suit the mood.

5. Best sexual experience?
That's an entry in and of itself.

6. Worst sexual experience?
Gee, waking up at age 10 and finding a 15 year old (who you aren't attracted to in the slightest) putting his dick in your ass sounds like a pretty fucked up sexual experience to me.

7. Ever faked an orgasm?
I consider that in insult.

8. Ever thought about someone else while having sex?
Why would I? If I'm in bed with you, it's because I want to be with YOU. Why would I insult you by thinking of someone else?

9. How do you feel about one night stands?
I prefer repeat performances. If it was good, let's do it again.

10. Where's the most interesting place that you've had sex?
In the back of a moving van on the freeway.

11. Do you own any porn?
Gee, um...let me look.....YES, YOU BUFFOON!

12. Have you ever walked in on your parents?
*shudder* Gods help me, yes.

13. Have you ever been walked in on?
As interesting as that would be under the right circumstances, no.

14. Drunk or sober sex?
Sober. I want you to be completely cognizant of what's happening. I want you to be able to feel everything and I want you to be able to remember everything.

15. Lights on or lights off?
On. I like to see your face.

16. Cuddling afterwards?
Most definitely. That's one of the best parts.

17. Foreplay?
Oh yes. That's part of what makes it art.

18. Would you rather have sex with someone stupid or ugly?

19. Are you a member of the mile high club?
No. There's really no room in an airplane and I like room to maneuver.

20. Would you be abstinent for a million dollars?
Not. On. Your. Life.
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