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The week thus far...

Sunday blew chunks. Very large ones. Walking in the rain is not my idea of fun, getting bitched out by a client because she doesn't feel like following lab policy isn't fun, and being reminded that because I'm short, stocky, furry and black I'm not considered attractive around here sure as HELL isn't fun. I swear, Patrick and John have been telling me I should move down to Atlanta and it sounds better and better as time goes by. I mean, really. Is it so wrong to want to be desired and feel desired?

Monday was the most fun I've had in a while. We let Jason's brother Eric run his D&D game and as much as I wasn't in the mood to play, it was an absolute blast! That game kinda helped cure my RPG burnout, though I still have no desire to run for a while. Details in a later post.

Tuesday was back to the grind. My digital audio class was interesting but a lot of work, I got absolutely nothing accomplished in my multimedia lab or class. I then proceeded to spend an hour waiting for Jason at the natatorium (the PE building on campus) so we could go work out. Apparently somebody gave him the wrong directions. He finally joined me in the workout room and we proceeded to hit every machine in there just so I could gauge him and show him how they work.

Ellipticals: 15 min, default stride,.69 miles
Chest Press: 90 lbs, 2 sets of 10
Lat Pull: 80 lbs, 2 sets of 10
Rowing machine: 2 sets of 10, 60 and 80 lbs, respectively
10 Pullups, shoulda done two time
Leg Curls: 30 lbs, 2 sets of 10
Shoulder Press: 70 lbs, 2 sets of 10
Tricep Extentions: 60 lbs, 1 set of 10
Bicep Curls: 60 lbs, 1 set of 10
Leg Extentions: 50 lbs, 1 set of 10
No crunches or time

Jason took me home and there was Dave and Nate preparing for D&D. Dave invited me to play, but I was WAY too tired to put the effort it would have put forth to think. I sat at the computer for a while until fatigue overtook me, then went to bed.

Woke up this morning and determined that Friday morning will be spent cleaning. I also need to call my leasing company and tell them about the toilet that takes a good half hour to 45 min to fill up. Not a good thing with two people living in the house. Went to campus and spent two hours working on my audio project before my interactive media class started. Our (long-term) assigment is to make our own obituary in Director. This should be fun...
Had lunch with Jason and subsequently plodded on to work. another long, bring 8 hour shift.

On the plus side, starting next week, my new schedule is:
Sun 8AM - 4PM
Wed 4PM - 12AM
Fri 12AM - 8AM

Ye gods! Management who LISTENS! Sometimes I like my job.
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