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Happy birthday, cubhaystack! *huggles Conor-kun*

Bring me back something from Ottawa and may mjollnir give you birthday spankings, among other things!

Lesee, this weekend involved...a lot of gaming. Dave's Shadowrun and D&D on Saturday and Jason's D&D on Sunday.

This of course, was after a snafu at the airport where Nate's plane landed late after being stuck in a holding pattern above the airport for a while. *sigh*

I have not known pain like yesterdays in a long time. As it was pouring down rain yesterday, we couldn't do our normal walk/run, so we played "Ultimate Nerf". It was kind of like basketball, only with a Nerf ball and slightly different rules. During the course of events, I dove for the ball and ended up bruising my left knee as I slid for a couple of feet. It still hurts. I also ran harder than I normally do, which ended up with me hurting a LOT. Chest hurt, stomach hurt, and head was spinning by the end of the first half. I only ran sporadically for the remainder of the game. Funny how my knee didn't start hurting so much until AFTER I showered.

Photoshop class was cool, as ever. I think the instructor liked most of our projects. But then, she comes off as a very easygoing person. I wish Jason's instructor was a little more laidback. She strikes me as somewhat anal, from what he's told me.

I figured he'd been working on his project all day, and I was right. But he just can't seem to get anywhere. We were supposed to do something with it in Friday and didn't...I feel guilty for that. If nothing else, I should have helped him brainstorm. Dropped the ball, I did.

Bought a gang of comics the other day. Caught up on Exiles (mostly), got the new Transformers, picked up a Warlands trade paparback. Thanks, chillycub for introducing me to it.

Nate picked up the 3.5 books and poured over them while I watched Trigun. I went to bed about 10:30, woke up at 6:30, but couldn't move till about 9:00. I figured Nate was working from noon to 6, like he'd been doing on Tuesdays all summer, but when I came out of the room, he was gone.

Todays plans:
Get quarters to do laundry, and do laundry till work.
Start packing for moving with boxes Ryan left behind.
Watch Ranma OAVs so I can get them back to Jason.

Time to get busy.
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