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Bounceback Thursday

Today was a good day, overall.

I feel better than I have in the past couple of weeks, albeit sore.

Woke up this morning and took Nate to I pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed Ryan climbing out of a truck. I couldn't help but laugh as I wondered how long he'd been in the parking lot waiting on us to leave.

After dropping Nate off, I got some gas and some Powerade and went back to campus to work out. I was down there for the better part of three hours.

Workout went as follows:
Ellipticals : 15 minutes
Lateral Pull: 40 lbs; 4 sets of 10
Bench Press: 40 lbs; 4 sets of 10
Rowing machine: 40 lbs; 4 sets of 10
Curls: 40 lbs; 4 sets of 10
Pulldowns: 40 lbs; 4 sets of 10

No idea what my heart rate was, but what I wanna work on more than anything is my strength and endurance. I'm not in this to lose weight or sculpt my body. I live in an enviroment where the flavor of choice is vanilla twink, and personally, I feel that if you can't accept me for me, fuck off. I can look at myself naked in the mirror and feel no self-loathing whatsoever, but if I drop dead from hypertension, it would make some people sad. And I wouldn't find it too fun myself.

I'm plan on some SLIGHT alterations to my diet as well. I'll be damned if I'm gonna eat anything that I don't think tastes good and I'm not one to deprive myself, but I am gonna start eating a bit healthier. But dammit, what I eat is gonna be yummy or it ain't goin in MY mouth. The taste buds must be appeased above all else. Suggestions are welcome.

Anyhoo, I finished my workout and then decided to splurge a bit. Bought the Cowboy Bebop movie, the third DVD of Noir and a Lupin III movie.

Went home to find Ryan had cleared out all his stuff, and NOT left his keys. Punk.

Called Jason and talked with him some, played some Vice City (that race mission is kicking my ass), and when the phone started dying (damn nickle-cadnium batteries)went over to kick it with Deroy and Tony. Watched the final DVD of Slayers and introduced them to Something Positive...about killed Tony with the D&D and Choo Choo Bear stories.

Don let me read the JLA - A League of One of the best Justice League stories I'd read...very Wonder Woman focused...

Shot over to campus to pick up Nate, as the bookstore decided they were going to close at 4PM today...of course, they didn't tell the rest of the campus, which pissed a LOT of people off. Dropped him off at home, came back and here I am.

It's been a good day.
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