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Things I'd Like

I'd like to be able to afford this apartment by mysself.

I'd like to know that when I graduate college, I can find a job in my field.

I'd like to be scheduled with my submitted avilability and my needs taken into account.

I'd like to feel like somebody is actually intrerested in playing the games I run because they're fun to play.

I'd like to be shown that I'm attractive and desireable.

I'd like an outlet for all this energy I have burning inside.

I'd like to shake this nagging feeling of insecurity.

I'd like not to feel like I'm a meal ticket or a dick in a glass case.

I'd like to be able to help or at least comfort my friends and loved ones who feel frustrated because they can't find a job after being laid off or graduating college, or the ones who are having their hearts kicked around, or the ones whose families or significant others or so-called friends are bringing them down, or the ones who can't seem to be comfortable with themselves, or who tried their damnedest to make something work and feel like they failed despite their best efforts. I'd like not to just stand by helplessly and only be able to offer them a virtual hug...I'd at least like to be able to give them a real one or just give them a sage piece of advice to help them find their way through everything.

I'd like to have a pair of arms around me when all of that just gets to be too much, when I'm on the brink of abject despair. I'd like to hear a voice in my ear tell me it'll all be alright, a kiss on my cheek or neck or ear and a shouklder to cry on, instead of forcing it all down into the pit of my stomach and forcing back the tears so I can soldier on like I did this past Saturday.
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