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Weight training: Day 1

Well, I got to campus, dropped Nate off, went to the Natatorium and wandered around for about 20 minutes before I finally found my way to my weight training class.

I still arrived 10 minutes early.

At about 9 AM, I and 3 other people were informed that the instructor for the class was on vacation, to be prepared to work out on Wednesday, given a syllabus, and were sent home.

This should be fun.

Reading the syllabus, I found several interesting tidbits of info.

1)"The displaying of underwear will not be tolerated."
That's just fine, as I don't intend on wearing any. Hell, 75% of the time I leave the house, I'm not wearing any. *veg*

2) "No personal items may be taken to class (including book bags)."
In other words, leave your shit in your car or rent a locker. I vote for the former.

3) "No tank tops of sports bra alone."
Can you say, "prude"? I knew you could.

4) "Students must wear a watch with a second hand to class."
I have NEVER been able to keep a watch. This sounds like trouble.

5) "The instructor reserves the right to modfy this syllabus when necessary."
Doesn't show up to class the first day, and then tells us THIS? This is gonna be an interesting summer. are all of YOU?
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