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Goodbye steve-chan...

Steve, aka braxton, deleted his journal today.

He says it's because he's "moving on", that he has projects he wants to work on.

I don't believe it for a second.

Last week, when Steve was having chest pains, he wrote an entry about it as he was waiting on the paramedics to take him to the hospital. This entry was taken by individuals to a site who's sole purpose is to ridicule what they see as "drama" in other people journals and Steve was basically accused of posting that entry to get attention.

Also, several of the people who responded to the post were ridiculed, because they were furry or because they were gay. To their credit, several people defended Steve, and others remarked how the entire thread was unneccessary to begin with and had turned somewhat homophobic. But what REALLY irked me is that the person with the cruelest comment of all, I'm sure knew Steve and is probably the one who submitted his entry to begin with. A close second for first place is a person who defended Steve in one breath, and turned around and said he has a tendency to beg for attention the next.

The sad thing is, his entries have been submitted to the site more than once. And more than likely by the same group of people.

Sites like that are nothing but an excuse for people to be cruel. Nobody deserves to be mocked and humilitated save for the cruel themselves, or the arrogant. Steve is neither.

I was dissapointed when Jack, aka Octobear left, as I thought he was one of the most down to earth individuals I'd ever met and I liked him a lot. It burns me that Steve felt this was a reason to delete his journal. He was the one who introduced me to Live Journal. He's been supportive in anything I've done and dispensed some great advice. He'd built up some good friendships here. It just hurts that he let those arrogant bitches win like this.

I guess there's always AIM, but still...LJ is a good way to get a grasp of what people are thinking in a certain point in time. A snapshot of a person's mind.

I'll miss him on here...a lot.
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