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My weekend

It's been a damn good weekend.

Friday was awesome with me, J, Eric and Nate going out to the Circle Center mall for dinner at the Alcatraz Brewing Co. and then to see Finding Nemo. The Alcatraz was awesome, I love the food there, especially the waffle fries with gorgonzola. Tried flan for the first time and it was sooooooooo good.

Went to see Finding Nemo directly after. Is anybody else SICK of the movietunes network they play before the previews? I was ready to KILL somebody by the time the previews started. J was more than a mite uncomfortable with the seats being so small and kids kicking him in the back all the time, but overall we all had a good time. The movie was funny as hell, and the short they had before it was great. About the last 15 - 20 minutes of the movie, I ended up holding J's hand, even though I'd left a seat between us so he'd have some stretching room. The drive home was rainy and Nate wasn't feeling so well, due to the changing weather and probably the cheescake he ate. After we dropped J and Eric off at home, I gave him some sinus meds and drove home.

Saturday could have gone better, in my estimation. J and Eric came over, as J needed some work on his Shadowrun character and we had to put some final touches on Eric's Palladium character. Well, the book Nate needed wasn't there, and I spaced on some stuff for Eric. Dave had drill and had to take his son to a ball game, so we spent the day at the apartment till he got back. Spent most of the time watching Nate play DBZ Budokai. I fell asleep at one point, as I think Eric did as well. We did manage to get a LITTLE done tho.

Things went a bit more downhill when we got to Dave's. Dave doesn't clean much, and he had a THICK coating of dust on his overhead fan, which messed up my allergies nicely. I kinda neglected Nate's character in my game for a bit, but this was corrected later. The big thing was Zane, Dave's 10 year old son. He would NOT leave Jason alone. J's tolerance was at a low ebb by night's end. At one point, he playfully said Jason was lying about something, not realizing just how seriously Jason takes that. Of course, I don't think Zane takes much of anything seriously...he does things merely to get attention, with no thought of consequence, no restraint and no consideration of anyone else's feelings. If it gets a reaction, he'll do it. Jason finally snapped at him to go away. I applaud his restraint, as I'm sure he wanted to break the kid in half.

I got the feeling nobody was really satisfied with the game I ran either, but I'm not sure as I never asked for feedback. Still, I can't say as I did as well as I wanted to.

Sunday got here and Nate's best friend Alex came over. J had invited us all over to his house, but Nate and Alex decided to stay at the apartment, so I went solo. Dave and Hobo Mike (as J nicknamed him)came over, J ran his D&D game and it was fun as hell! No combat (well, that I got involved in), just a lot of plot development. Still not seeing how all the pieces fit together in the plot, but J is good at that. Making scenarios that you really don't see everything that's happening until the climax unless you look VERY closely. He and Eric made lasagna and brownies....mmmm.....brownies....

Almost kissed him as I was leaving, but I didn't want Eric, Dave or Mike walking in on us, so I just gently caressed his cheek before I went out the door.

Now I'm here at work, waiting for the week to be over. It's the small things like Friday and Sunday that help me get through the week sometimes.
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