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Chicago: Day 2

Woke up to Andy checking out his forums and Deb in the bazzar on EQ.

After Deb went to work, I showered and hung out with Andy for a while, then we went downtown so he could work.

I spent the next four hours wandering around the area. I wanted to buy a watch of some sort, but I couldn't find any shops that sold them. I saw a lot of book and music stores though, and they were fun to browse. I had no idea Northstar was an X-Man now. The characterization on the series is awesome according to the TPB I read. I maight actually start picking it up again. I listened to a guitar player and a guy on harmonica wail the blues on a corner for a while, then got some BK and met Andy at the subway.

Andy bought a card that had some awesome Zodiac art, and I'm planning on getting a print of my sign when I get home.

After coming back to his place, I fired off another email to James, read my friends LJ and played some EQ for a while.
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