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Chicago: Day 1

Got up mad early (around 4:30), talked to moved and hit up my host with a message before I left.

6 hours, a wrong turn and a trip past Cabrini Green later, I arrived in Evanston, making my host miss his entire volunteer shift at IML. Fortunately, he picked one up on Saturday night.

Evanston is a really nice's a place you'd like to just take a walk through.

Got myself invited to a party on Saturday in which I hope to meet a lot of LJers. Thanks again for letting me come, murphy!

So far, I've seen quite possibly the POSHEST hotel I've ever walked into, saw a section of downtown I didn't see last time I was in Chicago with J and Don, rode the L, and kinda sorta gotten an introduction of driving on the highways around here.

Hopefully I'll get things hashed out with James about the party tomorrow.

Last night, I met my host's roomie, Deb. She's really nice. :) We watched this that and the other on TV, chatted, ate cookies, discussed EQ, wrestling and other things. Andy's kindly been letting me use his machine as much as I want.

Watched Smackdown with Andy and Deb, checked in with J and proceeded to catch some Zs. And so here I am this morning.
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